Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The next few years of my life

I'm pleased to announce that next year I will be attending Yale college, joining the class of 2015. To say I'm excited, would be like saying PyPy might offer a minor performance advantage over CPython.

What will I study? Your guess is as good as mine. There will certainly be music math, and free software involved, but beyond that I'm leaving until later to figure out.

The only sad part is the large cost. It will doubtless be worth it, though.

Boola, Boola!


Antoine said...

Oh, those prices. Is it per year?! My French engineering school cost like 1/50th of that. You must be a member of the bourgeois class :)

Seriously, congratulations and good luck.

Benjamin said...


That's for a year. Yes, it's completely ridiculous. There is some financial aid, so I don't have to pay the full price. However, it still leaves more than half to pay.

Nick Coghlan said...

Yikes, my entire 5-year degree was less than half that... and our government provides interest-free (inflation-linked) loans to cover those fees anyway.

Congratulations, though! And if you want a field that can link music, math and software, I suggest taking a stroll by the Cognitive Science department :)

Senthil Kumaran said...

Hey Benjamin! Congratulations on this one.