Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PyCon 2012 retrospective

I just returned from PyCon 2012, my first PyCon since 2009. It was great to meet everyone in person. I realized that everyone is much nicer in person than they appear on the mailing lists.

I met Dave Malcolm, the man behind the gcc Python plugin support. It looks like his project to automatically detect reference counting bugs in C extensions is going well. In the process of that, he has created Python bindings to gcc, which could be used for many interesting projects.

My talk on the PyPy JIT was on Saturday morning. It went fairly well; I wish I had practiced more. I also gave a lightning talk Saturday evening on what's new in Python 3.3.

On Sunday morning, Guido mentioned six in his keynote, so that was exciting.

I was able to stay for part of Monday sprints. I helped some people with fixing Python 3 tests on the PyPy py3k branch. I also advised some people about CPython work. It occurs to me now we forgot to have a key-signing party.

A lot of thanks needs to be extended to Jesse Noller and the entire PyCon team. That they rganized a convention with over 2,600 attendees on volunteer time is amazing.

Finally, Santa Clara has really nice weather!

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